59 Anastasie Panu Str., 4th Fl, Bucharest 031166, Romania
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We are passionate about providing innovative solutions to your business problems and we are focused on helping our clients be successful.

59 Anastasie Panu str., 4th floor
Bucharest, Sector 3
031166, Romania
Phone: +40 31 425 3835
Fax: +40 31 425 3835
Email: office@asgcrm.com
Working hours:
Monday-Friday: 9:00 – 18:00
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Management Team
Nicu Aleman
Managing Partner
Horațiu Cîrtiță
Head of Consulting and Partner
Cristina Kluger
Head of Development and Partner
Dynamics crm developer

We are looking to cover a new position in the technical team. Ideal candidates will have the skills to create CRM plug-ins and add-ons, using C# and other technologies.

If interested, please send your CV to office[at]aleman.ro

Location: Bucharest (Romania)


You will be required to develop code, web services and database applications using a variety of technologies, including C#, ASP.NET, Javascript, SQL, and SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) and successfully integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


What we offer:

  • Professional and international working environment
  • Training on one of the most important CRM applications
  • Certifications
  • Motivating salary
  • Opportunity to travel abroad or work from home


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When selecting the software to run your business, it’s important to consider the ongoing support and evolution of that IT solution. At ASG, we believe that complete support is an essential element of customer success and a critical enabler of high system availability, operational efficiency, and continuous business innovation. Our unique approach promotes consistent, high-quality support across all software assets so you maintain business strength and competitiveness over time. And ultimately our simple, more integrated approach to enterprise IT support yields better business results.